If you need me, this is where I live most of the time. You guys can harass 20 here, if you’d like .


If you can’t donate that’s fine but please signal boost this and show the family they have our full support and that our hearts go out to them and there daughter in this tragic time

List of Not Reals


Slenderman - Not real. Neither is any thing associated with it. It was created on the somethingawful forums in a contest intended for people to photoshop convincing horror photographs.
(Source) - was down when I clicked the link but could come back up anytime.

The Rake - Not real. I believe this one was started on 4chan and eventually developed into the terrifying creature we all know and love.
(Need Source)

Ben Drowned - Not Real. This was a fabulous ARG (Alternate Reality Game) created for the entertainment of the readers. It went on for a while but was eventually stopped because the creator felt that the story was pulled away from him by another person.
(Need Source)

Jeff The Killer - Not real. Possible with some adjustments, but otherwise completely made up and added to the many MANY creepypasta creatures out there.
(Need Source) - I’m noticing a trend which is actually a bad sign.

Laughing Jack - Not Real. Not sure, but I believe it was just a story someone wrote specifically for Creepypastas.
(Need Source) - Maybe if there were more sources then …

Anything on my Youtube Channel - Not Real. Nuff said. I enjoy scaring others, drawing, and/or reading to others that’s all.
(Need Source) - LOLZ

Mr. Widemouth - Not Real. Very similar to Laughing Jack.

Eyeless Jack - Clearly fictional. Is there something inherently creepy about names that start with J?

SCP - Not Real. If I remember right it’s clearly stated that people can submit their own.

Did I forget any? Please let me know and give me some sources as well.

Now let’s be serious a moment, these creatures were created to bring people together and cause enjoyment; albeit through fear but still. None of them are real and no one should act as though they are.

I can only imagine how the parents of the girl in Wisconsin feel right now and just that leaves me unable to sleep. The two girls that committed this horrible crime have a chance of going to jail for 65 years. They’re 12 now so when they get out they’ll be 77 years old.

I don’t believe these stories are the cause, I think the cause is a lack of education, not enough common sense, and underwhelming parenting. However, if I can maybe stop something like this from happening again by clearly stating that these beings are fictional then I will.


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Beautiful ghost bat


Beautiful ghost bat

You guys have no idea how much I miss this blog. I really do, but I’m just so busy that I forget about everything. Gah. 

I couldn’t keep myself from logging on. 

I was terrified to see what would be on my dashboard. 

What has happened was a tragedy and…I wish it hadn’t happened. As mod of this blog, I send my deepest wishes for the victim of the Slenderman Stabbing to help well, and quickly. 

My anger about this has slowly turned to sorrow and disbelief. 

What I want from all of my followers, and what I have said on my mod blog, is that you do not mention Slenderman around the victim of this tragic event. 
This word will trigger her. I don’t think I really need to explain why it’s a terrible idea. 

This is all I ask of you. Please. 



Smile Dog by Snook-8